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  1. 1-ClicMAX™ is sold in thousands of retail locations nationwide. Please call our Customer Support at 1-888-333-2404 to locate your nearest retailer.
  2. Absolutely not. Your money is there until you decide to use it. We do not have any fees that are withdrawn from your PIN-Less account and your plan does not expire.
  3. By visiting your nearest local retailer and providing them with your registered phone number. You also have the option to purchase online or through our Customer Support by calling 1-888-333-2404.
  4. There are 3 ways for you to buy 1-ClicMAX™ service:
    1. Online (pay by Credit Card)
    2. Call Customer Support at 1-888-333-2404 (pay by Credit Card)
    3. Nearest retail location (pay by Cash/Credit Card)
  5. The maximum amount of credit you can add is $200.
  6. You can use as many Credit Card as you wish as long as your name appears on the Credit Card.
  7. Yes, you can use your Credit Card to pay the PIN-Less accounts of your firends and/or family members as long as your name appears on that Credit Card.
  8. If you purchased by Cash with your local retailer, they may give you a written receipt or for your convenience, you may receive a text message receipt to your cell phone. If you purchased over the phone, the receipt can be texted to you also. If you purchased online, you can print a confirmation page that will also be emailed to you at the time of purchase.
  9. If you are a first time customer, to protect your identity and for your security, we may ask for verification documentation prior to posting a credit to your account. If you are a returning customer who has passed verification before, please contact our Customer Support at 1-888-333-2404 so that we can confirm verification has been cleared and you are ready to purchase.
  10. All purchases are final. However, if you feel that you are not getting quality call connections to the destination you are dialing, please contact our Customer Support at 1-888-333-2404 for assistance from our Technical Support Team.
  11. Please contact Customer Support at 1-888-333-2404 so we can further research your particular situation and determine if you are eligible for a refund. We will contact you with the outcome of the research.
  12. You may contact our Customer Support at 1-888-333-2404 for details of the charges, or you may login to your 1-ClicMAX account and print out the call history to review these charges.
  13. YES! All Credit Card information is secured and not accessible once it has been saved in your account. For verification purposes we can only see the last 4 digits of your Credit Card information.
  14. You have the option to store your information in your account so the next time you call to refill or make an online payment you only have to confirm the last 4 digits of your Credit Card, rather than providing the full 16 digit Credit Card number.
  15. You may refill your PIN-Less account for a minimum of $1 in retail locations. Online refills or refills made through our Customer Support are a minimum of $10.
  16. No. There is no fee for refilling your PIN-Less account.
  17. Please contact our Customer Support at 1-888-333-2404 for assistance with this request.
  18. Visit your nearest retail location to pay by Cash.
  19. You just have to register their numbers as a 1-Clic™ Number on your PIN-Less account. A free text message will be sent to you and the person abroad with the local Access Numberr to dial.
  20. Local phone charges, if any, may apply.
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