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PIN-Less International Calling

1-ClicMAX™ is the hottest international calling service in the market, reaching over 240 destinations in just "1-Clic™".  No more dialing 30 digits to make an international call. We give you a U.S number (1-Clic™ number) for EACH of your friends and family oversees, save it and dial with just "1-Clic™".


This great feature allows your friends and family overseas to call you for only 3.9 cents a minute. A HUGE savings! Available countries: Mexico, El Salvador, Columbia, Peru. The cost of the call is charged to the customers 1-Clic™ account in U.S.A.

How to Set Up CONECT2™

Ask your local retailer to set up CONECT2™ numbers for family and friends
Call Customer Support at 1-888-333-2404

CONECT2™ Dailing Instructions

Give your non U.S. family member the CONECT2™ number
Enter 1 + US Phone number (including area code)
Start talking!