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Top-Up The World

Top-Up the World is the best way to send a recharge to prepaid mobile phones all over the world.

The recipients can use these minutes to make domestic and international calls without having to pay a dime. Top-Up the World makes a great gift that can be sent to family and friends in over 114 countries including over 330 mobile destinations.

It’s simple and fast to send this wonderful gift to your loved ones overseas. Top-Ups can be purchased online, at a nearest retail location, by purchasing a recharge card, or by phone. It's easy! Just enter your loved ones' mobile phone information and make your desired payment. Your friend or family member normally receives the minutes and a confirmation text within 10 minutes.

- Recharge Mobile Phones In 114 Countries!
- Over 330 Mobile Destinations!
- Quick And Easy!


  • 1 Countries to Top-Up
  • 2 Select mobile operator to Top-Up
Amount to Top-Up
= 00 Estimated Amount in Foreign Currency
  • 4 Number to Top-Up 011-00
  • Re-Enter number to Top-Up 011-00

Top up now Please Login to send minutes to your loved one's mobile phone.

Top-Up from 1ClicMAX™ is a unique and truly revolutionary service that provides a fast and easy way to add mobile minutes to your loved ones' mobile phone from anywhere in the world, all in only 10 minutes! We are authorized to add airtime to most major mobile providers in over 330 mobile destinations! It's easy! Simply enter your loved ones mobile phone information, and make a payment. Beneficiary normally receives minutes and confirmation text within 10 minutes. Adding airtime to your friends and family's prepaid mobile phones has never been easier!

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